Plant Your Own Wildflower Garden

8 Ways to Celebrate National Garden Week 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide to Growing Greener

May 23, 2024

Dive into a week full of horticultural adventures with eight unique ways to celebrate National Garden Week 

Whether you have a green thumb or you’re a novice, there’s fun to be had for everyone during National Garden Week

Celebrated on the first full week of June every year, this week is more than just a celebration of plants and flowers; it's an ode to nature's resiliency, beauty, and the way it enriches our lives. 

As we explore eight fun ways to commemorate this week, we highlight the joy of gardening and the crucial role it plays in our ecosystems.

1. Embrace Plant Diversity: Introduce New Species to Your Garden

As you set off to celebrate National Garden Week, the first adventure lies in embracing the rich diversity of plant life. An eco-friendly garden fosters biodiversity, contributes to soil health, and invites a vibrant community of pollinators and beneficial insects.

Plant your own wildflower garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden offers a comprehensive list of different plants and flowers that will attract birds, butterflies, bees, bats, and other insects to make your garden more welcoming to all of nature’s pollinators. 

Step into the fascinating world of wildflower gardening with Created By Nature's diverse seed selections. We offer curated seed mixes that enliven your garden with a riot of colors from native species that not only enhance your garden's aesthetic appeal but also contribute significantly to your local ecosystem.

Our specialized seed mixes are designed with pollinators in mind, attracting everything from hummingbirds and butterflies to bees. If you're looking to harmonize your garden with your regional flora, our state-specific mixes are just for you. Thoughtfully tailored for different regions across the country, these mixes introduce native wildflowers that naturally thrive in your area.

Experience the captivating transformation from tiny seeds to a radiant wildflower garden this National Garden Week. It's not just gardening; it's the joy of watching life unfold right in your backyard.

2. Connect with Your Local Community: Join or Organize a Garden Tour

Gardening isn't just an isolated hobby; it's a shared passion that connects communities. Garden tours offer a wonderful opportunity to exchange gardening tips, share inspirations, and build a network of like-minded individuals. These tours aren't merely visual feasts; they're a sensory experience, allowing you to touch the texture of leaves, smell the rich earth, and listen to the subtle rustle of nature.

Organizations like the Garden Conservancy regularly host open days and garden tours for private gardens across the country, fostering a thriving community.

Check to see if your city offers a local garden club hosting tours, educational events, and even family-friendly parties to celebrate National Garden Week. If you’re unable to locate a local garden club, consider starting one or plan a visit to the nearest conservatory or botanical gardens. 

Give back to your garden and your community

3. Lifelong Learning: Participate in Gardening Workshops

Whether you're a budding gardener looking for beginner gardening tips or an experienced horticulturist seeking to deepen your knowledge, National Garden Week is the perfect time to indulge in lifelong learning. 

Universities, local extensions, and gardening societies often offer workshops and webinars. The Extension Master Gardener program, one of the largest volunteer organizations in the U.S., offers valuable insights, local events, and comprehensive courses, enhancing your understanding of horticulture and its impacts.

4. Pay It Forward: Donate to a Local School or Community Garden

Community gardening has gained momentum globally as an effective way to improve urban environments, foster community spirit, and promote sustainable practices. The American Community Gardening Association affirms the extensive benefits of community gardens, from improving food security to enhancing community health. 

Donating to these projects can be a fulfilling way to celebrate National Garden Week, and your contributions – be it time, seeds, or plants – can make a tangible difference in your community. 
If your city lacks a community garden, consider starting one with the help of friends, family, and neighbors using this comprehensive guide from the National Recreation and Park Association.

5. Cultivate Beauty: Create a Wildflower Garden 

The act of gardening transcends beyond aesthetic appeal. When you cultivate a wildflower garden, you are also playing your part in eco-friendly gardening. 

Wildflowers, like those found in Created By Nature's seed mixes, are native to our environment, requiring less water and maintenance than most non-native plants. Plus, they provide vital food sources and habitat for pollinators, contributing to the health of your local ecosystem. Not to mention that wildflowers help beautify any space they're in, whether it’s your garden, yard, community center or roadways.

Celebrate your garden at home

6. Share the Green Love: Swap Plants and Seeds

Plant and seed swapping is a wonderful way to increase the diversity of your garden, promote recycling, and strengthen your local gardening community. The act of swapping is more than an exchange of plants; it's a story, a piece of history, a shared passion passed from one gardener to another. 

Platforms like Plantswap can facilitate local plant swaps and help you connect with nearby gardening enthusiasts. Organize an impromptu plantswap within your neighborhood, among your loved ones, or even at work. 

7. Green Thumb Challenge: Try Container Gardening

Limited by space? You'd be surprised at the diversity and vitality you can achieve with container gardening. From herbaceous perennials to lush vegetables and ornamental plants, there's a whole world to explore in the realm of container gardening. 

The University of Illinois Extension offers a wealth of information to get you started on your container gardening journey. This National Garden Week, challenge yourself to see just how green your thumb can get!

8. Advocate for Nature: Host an Educational Event or Workshop

Finally, why not share your love for nature and horticulture with others? National Garden Week is the perfect opportunity to advocate for nature by hosting an educational event or workshop. 

Whether it's a virtual tutorial on starting a wildflower garden or an in-person workshop demonstrating the benefits of eco-friendly gardening, sharing your knowledge encourages more individuals to join the green movement. Don’t forget to invite the little ones and include activities for kids to learn more about their environment, maintaining beauty in their community, and supporting local plant species and pollinators.

Happy Gardening! 

National Garden Week is an open invitation to everyone to appreciate the richness and diversity of nature. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned gardener, these eight adventures offer a plethora of ways to deepen your connection with nature and your community. 

So, let's roll up our sleeves, get our hands a little dirty, and most importantly, enjoy the fulfilling journey that is gardening.