West Coast Wildflower Seeds & Mixes

Shop our premium collection of West Coast wildflower seeds and mixes. The West Coast region of the U.S. varies from sandy and rocky coast lines to rivers, streams, mountainous forests and glaciers with a wide array of growing conditions depending on your area. Our recommended wildflower seeds are easy to grow and are harvested in the USA, organic and non-gmo.

Plant and enjoy the natural beauty of West Coast wildflowers in your own home garden.

California Wildflower Seed Mix

22 Varieties
54,000 Seeds


Oregon Seed Mix

20 Varieties
60,000 Seeds


Washington Seed Mix

20 Varieties
60,000 Seeds


North America Wildflower Seed Mix

24 Varieties
45,000 Seeds


Western United States Seed Mix

30 Varieties
54,000 Seeds


All Annual Wildflower Mix

21 Varieties
46,000 Seeds


All Perennial Seed Mix

15 Varieties
49,000 Seeds


Bee & Butterfly Seed Mix

16 Varieties
30,000 Seeds


Hummingbird & Butterfly Seed Mix

23 Varieties
60,000 Seeds


Sunny Sunflowers Seed Mix

9 Varieties
1,000 Seeds


Designed for planting in: Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

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Learn which wildflowers will perform the best with your geographic region.

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Hand-picked wildflower mixes selected to grow perfectly in your climate.

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Wildflower mixes are easy to grow, and can be hand-sewn.

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