Virginia Wildflowers

Shop our exclusive collection of Virginia wildflower seeds. Elevate your garden with premium wildflower seed mixes, carefully selected by experts to thrive in the varying climates of the Old Dominion.

Virginia Wildflower seeds

Fan-Favorite: Virginia Wildflower Seed Mix

Celebrate the beauty of Virginia with our Virginia Seed Mix. This thoughtfully curated blend showcases the finest wildflowers native to the region, adding a touch of natural elegance to gardens across the state.

Plant wildflowers and watch your garden flourish with captivating beauty, echoing the spirit of the Old Dominion.

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When to Plant Wildflowers in Virginia

Perfect your wildflower cultivation in Virginia with these strategic planting tips:

  • Optimal time: Warmer months once the ground reaches at least 55°F.
  • Beware of late spring frost; plant within a month post-last frost for best results.
  • Fall planting: Sow seeds after the first frost for an extra boost from winter conditions.
  • Check your specific hardiness zone: New Hampshire experiences various zones (3b-6b).

Learn more about planting wildflowers in your region here.

USDA Zone Map

Learn which wildflowers will perform the best with your geographic region.

Gardening Tips

Not sure of what plants will suit your garden best? Learn more about wildflowers with our resources.

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