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As primrose flower blooms in the early spring, they represent youth, new beginnings, new life, or birth. There are about 500 to 600 species of primrose. Most are perennial though some species are annuals. Primroses grow 10 to 20 inches tall. The primroses are among the first flowers to bloom in spring, and they grace many gardens around the country. These bright beautiful flowering plants are also called Primula, which is their genus name. Primroses will tolerate a wide range of soil and sun types, so you'll have success with it in full sun. These seeds should be planted in the Spring or Fall for blooms throughout Spring and Fall. Primrose seed packets are perfect for anyone who loves plants or gardening as this flower makes a bold statement in any garden. All seeds are harvested in the USA, organic, and non-gmo. Easy to grow!

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